Deadpool Film Review

A lot of fans worldwide are merely disappointed when the gossips began to spread out claiming that the Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming movie Entitled Deadpool, (from the character itself), seems to be Rated PG-13. If there will be any hope to bring out the same humor and bloodiness from the test footage  in to the big screen, I guess there is a great chance to for the film to be considered into the R territory. Well apparently, that hope is not lost yet as Ryan Reynolds who portrays the character of Wade Wilson in the said movie has spoken recently in an interview. He was asked regarding the possibility of the rated-R issue and the only thing he said was, ‘’we’ll see”.

Moreover, the actor called the Deadpool as an independent film particularly in the superhero movie characters. He added that, although the film has not have as huge as some other comic film, they still have that competitive chance to offer a great graphic content which is indeed inline with the iteration of the comic characters. It seems like the ideas which Tim Miller have for the film are certainly in lined with an R rating. Well then, even if it will be released on big screens as PG-13, people are more likely expecting the movie to have that somewhat alternative version which turns out to be more exciting than as expected.


Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was born as a normal person and raised by a relatively dysfunctional family in a particular town in the state of Ohio. Eventually, as he reached the teenager’s stage, he ran away and explore around the country until the time comes when he was engage on a military training from some various sources. After some sort trainings, he made a decision to become a mercenary. He used to change his identity every time he notices that something went wrong on their mission. As the story goes on, Wade was diagnosed with a brain cancer which pushes him to volunteer for a subset of the Weapon-x program. The said program is to attempt a normal human to imbue with Wolverine’s healing factor.


Apart from Ryan Reynolds,  many stars who are about to show there characters on this adventure pf Deapool movie including the funny man of Silicon Valley which is Tim Miller as Weasal, the star of Gotham, Morena Baccarin as Copycat ( Deadpool’ s love interest yet conflicted), Gina Carano as Angel Dust or the Morlock.